Array for Microwave Background:
Anisotropy (AMiBA): The first 7-antenna array was deployed on Mauna Loa, Hawaii in early 2004, to be followed by the 13-element array and then the 19-element array. The 2-element prototype has been tested operated on Mauna Loa since 2002.
Canada/France/Hawaii Telescope (CFHT):
with MegaCam or WIRCam: NTU and CFHT corporation have signed an agreement in July 2001, which allows Taida 68 nights of observational time over the 2003-2008 six-year period.
Computation Facilities: There are also:
many high-performance work-stations and PCs , enhancing the capability of numerical simulations and data analysis. The current PC cluster of 64 CPU, dedicated for cluster simulations, is to be extended to the 512 CPU cluster, offering a powerful computing machine that would be on the map of the computation world.
Neutrino Telescope (NuTel): Expected to:
be constructed by the end of 2005, to be deployed in Hawaii. This is for the observation of high-energy neutrinos from AGN, the search of TeV Gamma Ray, and the research on the optical flash.
Laboratory Simulations of Astrophysics:
We conduct experiments that simulate astrophysical phenomena. The current experiment is being carried out at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), with test runs conducted at the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (SRRC) in Hsin-Chu.
Phoenix-Mountain Educational:
Observatory: It currently houses a 25-inch optical telescope and also operates with eight small commercial telescopes.

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