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    Course Info./Master's Program of Institute of Applied Physics
    Required Credit Hours
    Required Course Credit:11credit hours Selective Course Credit:13credit hours

     Minimum Credit Hours Necessary for Graduation:24credit hours (Master/Doctor dissertation excluded)

    Course Number Course Credit Unit Type of Credit Concurrent course. Requirements
    222 M1410
    Quantum Mechanics(Ⅰ) 4 Courses opened by the Physics Department Only
    222 M1720
    Introduction to Solid State Physics 4 Courses opened by the Physics Department Only
    245 M0040
    Seminar in Applied Physics(Ⅰ) 1 Courses opened by the Physics Department Only
    245 M0050
    Seminar in Applied Physics(Ⅱ) 1 Courses opened by the Physics Department Only
    245 M0060
    Seminar in Applied Physics (Ⅲ) 1 Courses opened by the Physics Department Only
    Regulations 1.Graduate students who meet the following requirements are qualified to graduate.
    Required Course Credit Unit Academic Year
    Seminar in Applied Physics(Ⅰ) 1 First Year Fall Semester
    Seminar in Applied Physics(II) 1 First Year Spring Semester
    Seminar in Applied Physics (III) Second Year Fall Semester
    Quantum Physics I 4 First Year Fall Semester
    Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics 4 First Year Spring Semester

    2.Students must obtain 3 credit hours from required selective courses. Students should enroll in at least one introductory course on any fields in Applied Physics in order to graduate.
    Introduction to Spintronics (3 credit hours), Introduction to Semiconductor (3 credit hours), Introduction to Superconductor Electronics (3 credit hours), Introduction to Photoelectric (3 credit hours), introductory courses on any field in Applied Physics approved by the Course Committee.

    3.Students must enroll in at least three selective courses as follows in order to graduate.
    Classical Electrodynamics I, 4 credit hours, Quantum Physics II, 4 credit hours, Statistical Physics I, 4 credit units, Classical Mechanics, 4 credit hours, Applied Physics Experiment, 3 credit hours. Student should take at least one course opened by other departments’ Master Program. The course, however, should be approved by the Course Committee in advance.