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    Department of Physics Office
    Address:No.1 Sec.4 Roosevelt Road Taipei 10617,Taiwan
                 Dept.of Physics/Center for Condensed Building R401
    Tel :(02)3366-5120~3   (02)23627007   (02)23626937
    E-mail :wwwadm@phys.ntu.edu.tw

    Bus Information
    Check the website “5284 I Love Buses”made by Taipei City Government. You may find the buses schedule, routes, and even the current location of a particular bus (based on the website announcement).
  • NTU Sports Center

  • 207, 675, 284, 52, 208, 505, 676, 668, 643, 642, 280, 290, 907, 109, 0South, 311, 253, 5JungHe-TanHai, SonJian MainLine, DunHua MainLine, 1501Chih Nan Temple via TaiShan,
    2012SonShan Airport-LongTan-ChuPei-ShinFon Station
  • National Taiwan University

  • 109, 643, 642, 668, 675, 0South, 280, 311, 207, 505,907, 253, 284, 52, 676, 208, 5,
    SonJian MainLine, DunHua MainLine,1501 Chih Nan Temple via TaiShan,1550 Keelung-Taipei
  • Gongguan Metro Station

  • 207, 208, 672, 673, 907, Green11, Brown12,DunHua MainLine

    MRT Information
  • Danshui—Xindian Line
  • , The National Taiwan University (NTU) is located right next to the Gongguan Metro Station (Xindian Line). The Exit No.3 is only 3 minutes away from the main entrance of the NTU by foot. It is even more convenient that its Exit No.2 directly links to the ZouhShan Road Entrance (cross-section of Roosevelt Road and ZhouShan Road).

  • Wenshan—Neihu Line
  • , If you wish to reach the north-east side of the NTU main campus, you may consider taking Wenshan— Neihu Line and getting off at Technology Building Station. Then walk southward along FuXing South Road, you may reach the XinHai Entrance of the NTU.

    In addition, you may find more metro routes and side scenery spot information on the “MRT guide system” constructed by Taipei Rapid Transit Corporations.