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    Physics Library
      The Physics Research Library was set up in 1946 and merged with the Library of Meteorology in 1961. It was relocated to the present location—Room 301 of the Condensed Matter Science and Physics Building in 2001. There are two floors with approximately 700 square meters each in the library. The first floor features the reading room, common periodicals area and the management office, whereas, the second floor houses book collection and a rare-used periodicals stock room. The library has reached a collection of roughly sixty thousand books and more than four hundred kinds of journal. The readership includes students and faculties on campus and from other research institutes in Taiwan. .

    The Physics Library has been one of the most important physics libraries in Taiwan. Our library is in charge of the NSC project entitled “Taipei Area Physics Books Services” that aims to offer service and strengthen academic support to physics research and teaching in the country. The Physics Department has a Library Committee to supervise the expansion of the library collection and to promote activities launched by the library.

    The library belongs to the NTU Library Information System. Readers can search for information on our collection, check for personal loan records, and make book reservations online.
      1. Users should show their ID before entry.
      2. No food or drinks.
      3. Keep your voice down and your surroundings clean.
      4. The number of books and loan period are the same as the Main Library.
    The regulation is promulgated after the meeting of NTU Physics Department, modification likewise. Other matters not provided are in accordance with the regulation set by NTU Main Library.
    Open Hour
    Reading Room:
    Monday to Friday 8 A.M. to 8:30 P.M.
    Stack Room:
    Monday to Friday 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.
    Not open on national holidays and weekends.
    Open hour on summer and winter vacation: Monday to Friday 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.
    Equipment and Service
    There are two Xerox machines in the stack room for readers to make photocopies of the periodicals. Funded by NSC, the library, as a part of the project of Taipei Area Physics Books Service, has been providing researchers in the Taipei area our abundant collection. We, therefore, with the funds from NSC, will continue to expand our collection on physics and science research related books and periodicals. In hopes of improving the circulation of science development information and of benefiting the researchers in the physics field, we offer services for book loans, photocopies and fax.Please refer to the webpage of NTU Physics Research Library for further information.
    New Arrivals
    新書目錄105-03-16 2017/3/9