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     In 1928, the Japanese Colonial Government founded the Taihouku Imperial University, which was the predecessor of National Taiwan University. Physics Department was not yet included in the College of Agriculture and Science then. There was only a center set up for providing Physics seminars as General Physics was a required course in Chemistry Department.
    After World War II, the center was endorsed by Professor Dai Yun-gui.In 1946, the Physics Department was established. In 1960 the master's program was established, and in 1969 the PhD program was set up. As the country’s oldest institute in both physics education and research arenas, we have nurtured countless leading elites in this field.
    In February, 2001, the Department of Physics moved to the Building of Department of Physics and Center for Condensed Matter Science. In 2003, as we consider Astrophysics a scientific field which bridges humanities and science, by founding the Institute of Astrophysics, we hope to open a interdisciplinary dialogue between science and liberal arts. After the Institute of Astrophysics was founded, in 2008, with the goal to coordinate academic research and technology industry and to cultivate high-tech personnel for the country, the institute of Applied Physics was founded successively