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    Title: Professor Member: Full Time Faculty
    Name: Chyh-Hong Chern Eduction: Ph. D. Stanford University (2004)
    NTU AH:
    Room: 606
    Tel1(1): (02)3366-5160
    E-Mail(1): E-Mail(2):
    Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo. 2006-2008
    Postdoctoral Fellow, ERATO-SSS project, Japan Science and Technology Agency. 2004-2006
    NCTS Young Theorist Award (2010)
    NTU Career Development Award (2012-2015)

    NTU Award for Outstanding Teaching (2011)
    NTU Award for Outstanding Teaching (2012)
    NTU Award for Outstanding Teaching (2015)
    Professor Chern is a condensed matter physicist. He is interested in the emergent phenomena due to the many-body interaction and correlation. In the last several years, he has been actively participating in three research activities: 1) propose new methods to enhance the performance of nano-devices that are immediately applicable to the information industry, 2) understand important experimental results qualitatively and disclose new physics in novel materials, and 3) theoretically propose new states of matter that exhibit interesting physical properties. Specifically, he has been working on ferroelectricity, disordered systems, frustrated spin systems (spin liquid), Mott insulators, and the quantum Hall effect, and high-Tc superconductors. Persistent interest includes the quantum field theories applicable to the condensed matter systems.
    (1)"Gauge Field and the Confinement-Deconfinement Transition in Hydrogen-Bonded Ferroelectrics", C.-H. Chern and N. Nagaosa, Phys Rev. Lett. 112, 247602 (2014)

    (2)"Proposed nonmagnetic Stern-Gerlach experiment using electron diffraction", C.-H. Chern, C.-J. Lin and C.-T. Liang, Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 217205 (2010)

    (3)"New family of models for incompressible quantum liquids in d>=2 ", C.-H. Chern and D.-H. Lee, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 066804 (2007)

    (4)“Enhanced dielectric response by disordered nanoscale/mesoscopic insulators”, S. Onoda, C.-H. Chern, S. Murakami, N. Nagaosa, Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 266807 (2006)

    (5)"Effective field theory description of the higher dimensional quantum Hall liquid”, A. Bernevig, C.-H. Chern, J. Hu, N. Toumbas, and S.-C. Zhang, Annals of Physics 300, 185 (2002)