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    Title: Professor Member: Full Time Faculty
    Name: Jiun-Huei Proty Wu Eduction: Ph.D. University of Cambridge (1999)
    NTU AH: http://jhpw.phys.ntu.edu.tw/
    Room: 天文數學館 808室
    Tel1(1): (02)3366-8629
    E-Mail(1): E-Mail(2):
    Professor, Department of Physics & Institute of Astrophysics, NTU
    Joint Researcher, Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Academia Sinica
    Adjunct Professor, National Cheng-Chi University
    Founding Director, International Companions for Learning (ICL), Ministry of Education
    National Committee, International Physics Olympiad (IPhO)
    Chief Instructor, Hsing-Yun Chorus, NTU
    Editor, High-School Textbooks, Taiwan

    Past experience:
    Deputy Vice President for International Affairs, NTU
    Advisory Committee, Ministry of Science and Technology
    Review Committee, Ministry of Science and Technology
    Chief Editor, Physics Bimonthly
    President, Alumni Society for University of Cambridge, Taiwan
    Committee, College Entrance Examination Center
    Committee, Golden-Bell Awards
    Project Scientist, AMiBA
    President, Society of Intel International Science and Education Fairs (Intel ISEF), Taiwan
    Speaker (2011) & co-curator (2012), TEDxTaipei
    KDI Fellow, U.C. Berkeley
    Long-Term Space Astronomer, NASA, USA
    Scientist, MAXIMA/MAXIPOL
    Scientist, Planck
    Visiting Professor, U.C. Berkeley
    Visiting Professor, UMN
    Visiting Scholar, Fermi Lab
    My main interests lie in the theoretical and observational aspects of modern cosmology. This includes the study of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), Loop Quantum Gravity, the large-scale structure of the universe, its formation, the topology of the universe, Cosmic Defects (such as monopoles, cosmic strings), Inflation, origin and evolution of the cosmos, and cosmological data analysis. I am currently involved in several projects of modern cosmology, including the Planck satellite project by ESA, and the AMiBA project in Taiwan.
    NTU Academic Hub

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