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    Title: Professor Member: Full Time Faculty
    Name: Min-Zu Wang Eduction: Ph.D., University of Iowa (1993)
    Room: 526
    Tel1(1): (02)3366-5150
    E-Mail(1): E-Mail(2):
    Experimental High Energy Physics

    1.CP Violation of Rare B Decays (Belle)

    2.Two Photon Physics (Belle)

    3.Cold Dark Matter Search (TEXONO)

    4.Proton Structure Function (ZEUS)

    5.Calorimeter Calibration (E790)

    6.J/y Physics (MARKIII)
    NTU Academic Hub

    1. Belle Collaboration (J.-H. Chen, M.-Z. Wang* et al.), 2008: Observation of B0 to ppbar K*0 with a large K*0 polarization
    2. Belle Collaboration (J.-T. Wei, M.-Z. Wang* et al.), 2008: Study of B+ to ppbar K+ and ppbarπ+
    3. Belle Collaboration (M.-Z. Wang*, Y.-J. Lee et al.), 2007 : Study of B+ to p Lambdabar γ, p Lambdabarπ0 and B0 to p Lambdabarπ-
    4. Belle Collaboration (C.-H. Wu, M.-Z.Wang* et al.), 2006: Study of J/psi to p pbar, Lambda Lambdabar and Observation of etac to Lambda Lambdabar at Belle
    5. Belle Collaboration (M.-Z.Wang* et al.), 2005: Study of the Baryon-Antibaryon Low-Mass Enhancements in Charmless Three-body Baryonic B Decays
    6. Belle Collaboration (Y.-J.Lee, M.-Z.Wang* et al.), 2005: Observation of B+ → p Lambdabar γ
    7. Belle Collaboration (Y.J. Lee*, M.Z. Wang et al.), 2004: Observation of B+ →Lambda Lambdabar K+. Phys.Rev.Lett.93:211801.
    8. Belle Collaboration (M.Z. Wang* et al.), 2004: Observation of B+ → ppbarπ+, B0 → ppbarK0, and B+ → ppbarK*+.
    9. Belle Collaboration (M.Z. Wang*, Y.J. Lee et al.), 2003: Observation of the Decay B0 → p Lambdabar π- at Belle.
    10. Belle Collaboration (K. Abe……M.Z. Wang* et al.) 2002: Observation of B+ → ppbarK+
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 181803.
    11. Belle Collaboration (K. Abe……M.Z. Wang* et al.) 2002: Search for Charmless Two-body Baryonic Decays of B mesons
    Phys. Rev. D65:091103.
    12. TEXONO Collaboration (M.Z. Wang et al.) 2002: Nuclear Recoil Measurement in CsI(Tl) Crystal for Cold Dark Matter Detection