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    Title: Professor Member: Full Time Faculty
    Name: Jeng-Wei Chen Eduction: Ph. D.,University of California, San Diego (1986)
    NTU AH:
    Room: 624
    Tel1(1): (02)3366-5172
    E-Mail(1): E-Mail(2):
    1.Transport, magnetic, and thermal properties of the ternary carbides RNiC22(R = rare earth)

    2.Superconductivity of In, Pb, and Ga confined in siliceous mesoporous nanochannels

    3.Preparation and characterization of nanostructured magnetic Fe-Fe3O4 composite as well as (Fe-SiO2)

    4.MR effect of the double-layered perovskite systems
    NTU Academic Hub

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    (2) S. Banerjee, S. Roy, J. W. Chen, and D. Chakravorty, “Magnetic properties of oxide-coated iron nanoparticles synthesized by electrodeposition”, J. Magn. Magn. Mat. 219, 45 (2000).

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