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Department of Physics,National Taiwan University

Faculty(by Directory)

Shin-Nan Yang

Name   楊信男
 Shin-Nan Yang
Title   Professor
Education   Ph. D.,SUNY-Stony Brook (1972)
Office   509
Tel   02-3366-5139


  • 1972.9 - 1974.8 Research Associate, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • 1974.9 - 1976.8 Research Associate, University of Washington
  • 1976.9 - 1977.7 Associate Professor, National Central University, Taiwan
  • 1977.8 - 1980.7 Associate Professor, National Taiwan University
  • 1980.8 - present Professor, National Taiwan University
  • 1989.8 - 1991.7 Chairman, Physics Department, National Taiwan University
  1.  Fellow, American Physical Society
  2.  Fellow, Physical Society of The Republic of China
  3.  Special Contribution Award, Physical Society of The Republic of China
Intermediate energy physics: Meson-baryon interactions, electromagnetic production of mesons, mesons and nucleon resonances in nuclei, hadron structure and models. Nuclear few-body systems: baryon-baryon interactions and their symmetries, structure of light nuclei, theoretical methods of few-body system High-energy heavy-ion collision: Relativistic hydrochemical model and transport theory of high-energy heavy-ion collision, properties of hadronic system at extreme conditions and quark-gluon plasma, statistical mechanics of strongly interacting sytems
Selected Publications

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