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Department of Physics,National Taiwan University

PhD Program

2006 PhD. Program of Institute of Physics Graduation Requirements

2006 NTU Physics PhD Program

  The regulation had passed by the faculty meeting on MAY 22, 1991
The regulation had updated by the faculty meeting on JUN 24, 1995
The regulation had updated by the faculty meeting on MAR  7, 1998
The regulation had updated by the faculty meeting on OCT 19, 2005

PhD candidates upon meeting the requirement below are qualified to graduate:

  1. Students must pass all the required courses and obtain the credit hours in 2~7 years.

  2. Students must pass the qualifying exams and degree exam.

  3. Students must maintain a satisfactory academic record.



Students should obtain a minimum of 22 credit hours to graduate. Students should enroll in D courses to obtain at least 18 credit hours. Undergraduate students studying in PhD program should obtain a minimum of 34 credit hours to graduate. Undergraduate students should obtain at least 18 credit hours by enrolling in D courses. The minimum credit hours for graduation DO NOT include doctor dissertation.



Required credit hours for graduation:

  1. Advanced Seminar I~III, one credit hour each semester.

  2. Students should enroll in at least two courses below:

Quantum Mechanics III, Quantum Field Theory I, Condensed Matter Theory (or Condensed Matter Theory I), Statistical Physics II, Classical Electrodynamics II, Advanced Physics Experiment I.

  1. Students who have enrolled in PhD courses opened by our graduate school or have acquired the required credit hours from our graduate school can submit their report cards to the Course Committee for credit transfer verification. .



The qualifying exam includes written exam on Quantum Physics and Classic Physics.

  1. Quantum Mechanics: Quantum Physics I & II

  2. . Either one:

Classical Electrodynamics I (60%) & Classical Mechanics (40%)

Classical Electrodynamics (60%) & Statistical Physics (40%)


After the semester starts, the qualifying exam will be offered in two weeks. The qualifying exam is offered once in a school year. Every graduate student should take the exam in their first year and pass the doctor qualifying exam in two years after enrolling in our PhD program. Students who fail to pass the exam will be expelled.


Students who pass the two subjects of the qualifying exam or meet the requirement of regulation number four of NTU Physics Institute are qualified. Those who did not pass the exam can take a remedial exam next year. The remedial exam can only be taken for once. Those who fail the remedial exam will be expelled.


Degree exam is offered on condition that a candidate has at least one paper written based on his/her PhD dissertation or whose paper is accepted by journals collected by Science Citation Index. The total accumulated SCI Impact Factor by the publication should be equated to physics review level. The degree exam is offered only when either one of the conditions is fulfilled. The department should be the institute that issues the paper based on the PhD dissertation.


Students who receive scholarships or stipend from the Ministry of Education should fulfill the obligation on the assistance to the department’s teaching. These students should cooperate with the department and equally shoulder the responsibility as teaching assistant.