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Department of Physics,National Taiwan University

Faculty(by Directory)

Der-Ruenn Su

Name   蘇德潤
 Der-Ruenn Su
Title   Professor
Education   Ph.D., SUNY-Binghamton (1971)


Research Results to be finished:
  1.  Atomic dimensions of surface investigations.
  2.  Re-evaluation of strain-stress theory when in front of surfaces.
  3.  Adsorption theory of semiconductor as a general theory of general adsorption theory: experimental evidences.
  4.  Fermi levels in free particle models.
  5.  CP invariance correct in image potential method in electro-magnetism?
  6.  Time reversal means zero rest mass in Lorentz invariancy? in density-formulations.

Some Intuitions:

We all admit that every theorist is not economic, especially in the management respects. I think that the research necessity in financial part need to have a ‘perfect’ arrangement. The problem is how?

The rapid changes of statistical viewpoints make every one nervous. A settlement is dispersed needed. Easy way to make every body easier.

Theorists working in condensed matter branch are themselves theory workers! Special protection must put into act. Otherwise we need to have moved to new department.
Selected Publications
  1. D.-R. Su, "Phase Considerations in the Thomas-WKB Theory: Film structures, quantum wells and quantum wires", Physical Review, B51, 5072-5077 (1995).
  2. D.-R. Su, "Spin-Flip Operator in Two Electron Hopping System", Chinese Journal of Phys. 30, 357-387 (1992).
  3. D.-R. Su, "Resistivity anomaly of transition metals interpreted by uncertainty principle", Bull. Am. Phys. Society, 24, 47 (1979).
  4. D.-R. Su, "Theory of a Wave Function within a Band and a New Process for Calculation of the Band Energy", Chinese Journal of Physics, 14, 17-25 (1976).
  5. D.-R. Su, "Time-Dependent Variational Principle", Chinese Journal of Physics, 5, 100-107 (1967).