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Department of Physics,National Taiwan University

Faculty(by Directory)

Shi-Wei Chu

Name   朱士維
 Shi-Wei Chu
Title   Professor
Education   Ph. D., National Taiwan University (2004)
Office   422
Tel   02-3366-5131


  • 2021~ Associate Editor, Biophysical Reports
  • 2020~ Board of Directors, Taiwan Physical Society
  • 2020~ Associate Director for Innovative Imaging Technologies, NTHU Brain Research Center
  • 2019 –2021 Deputy Director, NTU center for teaching and learning development
  • 2014~ Professor, Department of Physics, National Taiwan University.
  • 2020 Future Technology Award, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan
  • 2016 Outstanding young scholar research project award, Ministry of Science and Technology
  • 2015 Young Scholars’ Creativity Award, Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship
  • 2015 Excellent Mentor Award of National Taiwan University
  • 2013 Outstanding Teaching Award of National Taiwan University
  • 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2020, 2021 Excellent Teaching Award of National Taiwan University

Research and Teaching Interests:

Nonlinear optical spectroscopy/microscopy; Neuronal system imaging; Nonlinear nanophotonics

Our lab is devoted to explore the complex interactions between photons and biological tissues, including the linear/nonlinear reflection, absorption, and scattering etc. The basic study can be extended to biomedical applications such as imaging, spectroscopy, and diagnostics based on these optical interactions. There currently four major topics:
  1.  Whole-brain functional imaging in drosophila
  2.  Superresolution imaging based on nonlinear plasmonics
  3.  Tunable ultrafast laser development
  4.  Chiral molecule probe with nonlinear optical interactions
Selected Publications
For full record, please visit
  1. Y.-L. Tang, T.-H. Yen, K. Nishida, J. Takahara, T. Zhang, X. Li, K. Fujita, and S.-W. Chu*, Opt. Mat. Express 11, 3608 (2021). Invited Review
  2. S.-H. Huang, N. Irawati, Y.-F. Chien, J.-Y. Lin, Y.-H. Tsai, P.-Y. Wang, L.-A. Chu, M.-L. Li, A.-S. Chiang, K. Tsia, and S.-W. Chu*, J. Phys. D 54, 323002 (2021). Invited Review
  3. Y.-S. Duh, Y. Nagasaki, Y.-L. Tang, P.-H. Wu, H.-Y. Cheng, T.-H Yen, H.-X. Ding, K. Nishida, I. Hotta, J.-H. Yang, Y.-P. Lo, K.-P. Chen, K. Fujita, C.-W. Chang, K.-H. Lin, J. Takahara, and S.-W. Chu*, Nature Comm. 11, 4101 (2020).
  4. T. Zhang, Y. Che, K. Chen, J. Xu, Y. Xu, T. Wen, G. Lu, X. Liu, C. Wei, B. Wang, J. Han, Y. Cao, B. Guan, S.-W. Chu*, X. Li*, Nature Comm. 11, 3027 (2020)
  5. K.-J. Hsu, Y.-Y. Lin, Y.-Y. Lin, K. Su, K.-L. Feng, S.-C. Wu, Y.-C. Lin, A.-S. Chiang, S.-W. Chu*, Opt. Lett. 44, 3190 (2019). Editor’s pick
  6. H.-Y. Lin, L.-A. Chu, H. Yang, K.-J. Hsu, Y.-Y. Lin, K.-H. Lin, S.-W. Chu*, A.- S. Chiang, iScience 14, 164 (2019).