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Department of Physics,National Taiwan University

Faculty(by Directory)

Ching-Teh Li

Name   李慶德
 Ching-Teh Li
Title   Professor
Education Ph. D.,University of Pennsylvania (1978)
Office   507
Tel   02-3366-5119


Over the past few years, I have taught quantum mechanics I and II, mathematical methods in physics, nuclear physics and introductory nuclear physics for graduate students as well as quantum physics for undergraduate juniors. I think I am also most good at teaching these favorite courses of mine. Besides teaching, I have also been involved in research on nuclear structure theory and on the study of some quantum mechanical problems. In nuclear structure theory, we have concentrated ourselves on the investigation of nuclear collective motions using the following methods: the number-conserving quasi-particle (NCQP) method developed previously by myself and the various boson mapping methods, especially the Dyson boson mapping method. On the other hand, in the study of some interesting quantum mechanical problems, we work mainly in the framework of the Heisenberg matrix mechanics. Namely, Heisenbergs matrix mechanics is used either directly as a practical tool for calculations or as a framework to study some important problems such as those of quantum-classical correspondence and semiclassical quantizations. Our aim ultimately is to make contribution to the development of nonperturbative field therotical methods as well as to get a better understanding of quantum systems which exhibit chaotic behaviors on the classical level.
Selected Publications
  1. C. T. Li, "Approximate projection of physical states in the quasiparticle description of nuclear collective motion", Nucl. Phys. A417, 37 (1984).
  2. L. H. Xia, C. M. Ko, and C. T. Li, "Dilepton as a possible signature for the baryon-rich quark-gluonplasma", Phys. Rev. C41, 572 (1990).
  3. C. T. Li, "Optimal auxiliary Hamiltonians for truncated boson-space calculations by means of a maximal-decoupling variational principle", Phys. Rev. C44, 1040 (1991).
  4. W. R. Greenberg, A. Klein, and C. T. Li, "Invariant tori and Heisenberg matrix mechanics: a new window on the quantum-classical correspond-ence", Phys. Rev. Lett. , 75, 1244 (1995).
  5. W. R. Greenberg, A. Klein, I. Zlatev and C. T. Li, "From Heisenberg matrix mechanics to semi-classical quantization: Theory and first applica-tions", Phys. Rev. A54 , 1820 (1996).