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Department of Physics,National Taiwan University

Faculty(by Directory)

Yi-Chen Cheng

Name   鄭以禎
 Yi-Chen Cheng
Title   Professor
Education   Ph. D., Cornell University, USA.(1970)


  1. Chung-Shan Scholarship Award (1981).
  2. Invited by Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to submit proposals for the award of the Nobel prize for Physics (1991,1992).
We have been interested in the problem of why the sticking probability is larger in the vicinity of steps than in the flat portion of metal surfaces. We calculated the van der Waals energy between an atom and a surface with a step. We also used LMTO (linear muffin-tin orbitals) method to calculate the electronic structure of Cu flat and stepped surfaces, respectively found in some semiconductors, including nonlinear dynamical behavior of n-GaAs doped with deep impurities at room temperature; and construction of a theoretical model to explain the observed longisemiconductors at liquid helium temperature. Teaching interests are solid state theory and statistical physics, etc..
Selected Publications
  1. Y. C. Cheng, 1976, "Ground-State Lattice Vacancies and Bose-Einstein Condensation in a Quantum Crystal", Phys. Rev. B14 , 1946.
  2. Y. C. Cheng, 1981, "Excitation Spectrum of a Supersolid", Phys. Rev. B23 , 157.
  3. Y. C. Cheng and J. S. Yang, 1990, "Enhancement of the Van Der Waals Energy Between an Atom and a Cylindrical Surface: Application to the Edges of Stepped Surfaces", Phys. Rev. B41 , 1196.
  4. C. K. Yang, Y. C. Cheng, and S. Y. Wu, 1994, "Electronic Structure Calculation for a Stepped Cu(110) Surface by Using a Real Space Approach", Phys. Lett. A188 , 68.
  5. Y. H. Shiau, Y. C. Cheng, and C. K. Hu, 1998, “Stochastic Postponement of the Domain Transitions and Destabilization of Current in the Gunn Diode ” Phys. Rev. E57 , R1227 (Rapid Communications).