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Department of Physics,National Taiwan University

Faculty(by Directory)

Huei-Li Huang

Name   黃暉理
 Huei-Li Huang
Title   Professor
Education   Ph.D., University of Maryland (1968)


  1. Sun Yat Sen academic award, 1978.
  2. Chairman, NTU Physics Department, 1986-89.
  3. President, Chinese Phys. Soc.(Taipei)1988.
  4. NSC Outstanding Res.Award 1987-88,94-95:
  5. AAPPS Councilor, 1990-94,94-97.
  6. Fellow, Chin.Phy.Soc.,(Taipei),1994
Current research interests include the various domain wall (DW) structure and a new DW dynamic equation related to non-conservation of the magnetization modulus in DW; the new corresponding Kondorski function; DW structure in 2-dimensions; and that at the pinning center/domain triple point; DW stability and chaos as related to the new DW dynamic equation. Exchange and dipole interaction effects upon hysteresis and thermal relaxation properties upon magnetic fine particles in relation to the present-day media technology; Also, its effects on domain structures in magnetic thin films, multilayers, and a many-sublattice system with bilinear and biquadratic coupling are also of interest. Finally, the problems related to noise, cross-talks and the super resolution problem in near field optics.
Selected Publications
  1.  H.L. Huang "Intrinsic Domain Wall Damping In Yttrium Orthorferrite", Phys. Rev. Lett. 29, 432,1972;
  2.  C.Y. Chang, H.L. Huang "Effects of Annealing and Electromigration on Surface Morphology in Polycline Films"; J. Appl. Phys. 54, 2287, 1983;
  3.  H.L.Huang & J.S. Yang "Diffusivity Variation on Capilarity & Elmigration Induced Surface and Grain Boundary Diffusions"; J. Phys.D - Appl.
  4.  Phys. 20(4) 493, 1987 V.L. Sobolev, H.L. Huang, & S.C. Chen" Theory of Domain wall motion under external magnetic field"; J. Magn. Magn.Mats., 147, 284, 1995;
  5.  H.L. Huang, & J. J. Lu "Textural, sweep rate and thermal relaxation effects on the transverse susceptibility of magnetic particles" (invited), Materials, Chem. Physics, 41, 275, 1995.