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Department of Physics,National Taiwan University

Faculty(by Directory)

Tzu-Fang Wang

Name   王子方
 Tzu-Fang Wang
Title   Professor
Education   Ph.D. Yale University (1986)
Office   425
Tel   (02)3366-5133



Nuclear Astrophysics, Nuclear Forensics, Novel Materials for Radiation Detections, Radioactive Ion Beams, Advanced Detector/Sensor Development


“The gamma watermarks,” US Patent, 6,740,875 B1, 2004

“Method for manufacturing solid-state thermal neutron detectors with simultaneous high thermal neutron detection efficiency (>50%) and neutron to gamma discrimination (>1.0E4),” US Patent, 8,558,188, 2013

“Scintillator with a matrix body carrying nano-material scintillator media,” US Patent, 9.279,894 B2, 2016
Selected Publications

Atomic Physics:

“Search for X-ray Induced Acceleration of the 31-yr Isomer of 178Hf Using Synchrotron Radiation,” I Ahmad, J.C. Banner, J.A. Becker, D.S. Gemmell, A, Kraemer, A. Masahayekhi, D. P. McNabb, G.C. Miller, E.F. Moore, L.N. Pangault, R.S. Rundberg, J.P. Schiffer, S.D. Shastri, T.F. Wang, and J.B. Wilhelmy, Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 072503 (2001)

“Charge-State Dependence of Nuclear Lifetimes,” W.R.Phillips, I.Ahmad, D.W.Banes, B.G.Glagola, W.Henning, W.Kutschera, K.E.Rehm, J.P.Schiffer, T.F.Wang, Phys.Rev.Lett. 62, 1025 (1989)

“Electron-Capture Branching Ratio of 81mKr,” C.N.Davids, T.F.Wang, I.Ahmad, R.Holzmann, R.V.F.Janssens, Phys.Rev. C35, 1114 (1987)

“Search for Sharp Lines in the e+ -e- Coincidences from Positrons on Th,” T.F. Wang, I. Ahmad, S.J. Freedman, R.V.F. Janssens, J.P. Schiffer, Phys. Rev. C36, 2136, 1987

Nuclear Astrophysics/Radioactive ion beams

“Production of Radioactive Ion Beams using In-Flight Technique,” B. Harss, R.C. Pardo, K.E. Rehm, F. Borasi, J.P. Greene, R.V.F. Janssens, C.L. Jiang, J. Nolen, M. Paul, J.P. Schiffer, R.E. Segal, J. Specht, T.F. Wang, P. Wilt, B. Zabransky, Review of Scientific Instruments, 71, 380 (2000)

“Stellar Reactions with Short-Lived Nuclei: 17F(p,a)14O, B.Harss, J.P.Greene, D.Henderson, R.V.F.Janssens, C.L.Jiang, J.Nolen, R.C.Pardo, K.E.Rehm, J.P.Schiffer, R.H.Siemssen, A.A.Sonzogni, J.Uusitalo, I.Wiedenhover, M.Paul, T.F.Wang, F.Borasi, R.E.Segel, J.C.Blackmon, M.S.Smith, A.Chen, P.Parker, Phys.Rev.Lett. 82, 3964 (1999); Comment Phys.Rev.Lett. 84, 1635 (2000)

“Cross Sections and Reaction Rates of d + 8Li Reactions Involved in Big Bang Nucleosynthesis,” M.J.Balbes, M.M.Farrell, R.N.Boyd, X.Gu, M.Hencheck, J.D.Kalen, C.A.Mitchell, J.J.Kolata, K.Lamkin, R.Smith, R.Tighe, K.Ashktorab, F.D.Becchetti, J.Brown, D.Roberts, T.F.Wang, D.Humphrey, G.Vourvopoulos, M.S.Islam, Nucl.Phys. A584, 315 (1995)

 “Gamma Width of 14O(*)(5.17 MeV) and the Stellar 13N(p,g)14O Reaction Rate, M.S.Smith, P.V.Magnus, K.I.Hahn, R.M.Curley, P.D.Parker, T.F.Wang, K.E.Rehm, P.B.Fernandez, S.J.Sanders, A.Garcia, E.G.Adelberger, Phys.Rev. C47, 2740 (1993)

 “2H Induced Reactions on 8Li and Primordial Nucleosynthesis,” M.J.Balbes, M.M.Farrell, R.N.Boyd, X.Gu, M.Hencheck, J.D.Kalen, C.A.Mitchell, J.J.Kolata, K.Lamkin, R.Smith, R.Tighe, K.Ashktorab, F.D.Becchetti, J.Brown, D.Roberts, T.F.Wang, D.Humphrey, G.Vourvopoulos, M.S.Islam, Phys.Rev.Lett. 71, 3931 (1993)

“Measurement of the Half-Life of 20F,” T.F.Wang, R.N.Boyd, G.J.Mathews, M.L.Roberts, K.E.Sale, M.M.Farrell, M.S.Islam, G.W.Kolnicki, Nucl. Phys. A536, 159 (1992)

“Measurement of the Half-Life of 8Li,” K.E.Sale, T.F.Wang, R.N.Boyd, G.J.Mathews, D.W.Heikkinen, M.L.Roberts, M.S.Islam, P.B.Corn, Phys.Rev. C41, 2418 (1990)

“Proton Threshold States in 27Si and the Destruction of 26Al at Low Stellar Temperatures,” T.F.Wang, A.E.Champagne, J.D.Hadden, P.V.Magnus, M.S.Smith, A.J.Howard, P.D.Parker, Nucl.Phys. A499, 546 (1989)

“Threshold States in 26Al Revisited,” A.E.Champagne, A.B.McDonald, T.F.Wang, A.J.Howard, P.V.Magnus, P.D.Parker, Nucl.Phys. A451, 498 (1986)

“Total Width of the 5.17 MeV 1- State in 14O and the Hot-CNO Cycle,” T.E.Chupp, R.T.Kouzes, A.B.McDonald, P.D.Parker, T.F.Wang, A.Howard, Phys.Rev. C31, 1023 (1985)

Monte Carlo Simulations

“Cadmium Zinc Telluride Spectral Modeling,” Y. Dardenne, T.F. Wang, J. Mauger, W.D. Ruhter, S.A. Kreek, Nucl. Instru. Methods, A422, 678 (1999)

“Modification to the Klein-Nishina Cross Section for Ge Electrons at High Statistics Limit,” T.F. Wang, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, UCRL-ID-122484 (1995)

“Monte Carlo Simulation of Plutonium Gamma-ray Standards,” T.F. Wang, J.B. Carlson, Z.M. Koenig, W.D. Ruhter, T.S.H Lee, J. Winn, Nucl. Instru. Methods, A353, 678 (1994)

High-Spin Nuclear Spectroscopy- Super Deformation

“Oblate Collectivity in 197, 198Pb,” A.Kuhnert, T.F.Wang, M.A.Stoyer, J.A.Becker, E.A.Henry, M.J.Brinkman, S.W.Yates, J.E.Draper, M.A.Deleplanque, R.M.Diamond, F.S.Stephens, A.O.Macchiavelli, W.H.Kelly, W.Korten, F.Azaiez, J.A.Cizewski, Nucl.Phys. A553, 567c (1993)

“Search for an M0 Transition in 170Yb,” A.Kuhnert, E.A.Henry, T.F.Wang, M.J.Brinkman, M.A.Stoyer, J.A.Becker, D.R.Manatt, S.W.Yates, Phys.Rev. C47, 2386 (1993)

“Superdeformation in 198, 196Pb,” T.F.Wang, A.Kuhnert, J.A.Becker, E.A.Henry, S.W.Yates, M.J.Brinkman, J.A.Cizewski, F.A.Azaiez, M.A.Deleplanque, R.M.Diamond, J.E.Draper, W.H.Kelly, W.Korten, A.O.Macchiavelli, E.Rubel, F.S.Stephens, Phys.Rev. C43, R2465 (1991)

 “First Lifetime Measurement of Dipole Collective Bands in Neutron-Deficient Lead Nuclei,” T.F.Wang, E.A.Henry, J.A.Becker, A.Kuhnert, M.A.Stoyer, S.W.Yates, M.J.Brinkman, J.A.Cizewski, A.O.Macchiavelli, F.S.Stephens, M.A.Deleplanque, R.M.Diamond, J.E.Draper, F.A.Azaiez, W.H.Kelly, W.Korten, E.Rubel, Y.A.Akovali, Phys.Rev.Lett. 69, 1737 (1992)

Nano Materials/Radiation Detections

"Fabrication of nanopillars by nanosphere lithography," C.L. Cheung,, R. Welty, C. Reinhardt, and T.F. Wang, Nanotechnology 17, 1339-13 (2006)

 “Study of porous glass doped with quantum dots or laser dyes under alpha irradiation,” S.E. Letant, T.F. Wang, Applied Physics Letters, 88, 103110 (2006)

“Semiconductor quantum dot scintillation under gamma-ray irradiation,” S.E. Letant, and  T.F. Wang, Nano Letters 6, 2877-2880, (2007)

“6:1 Aspect Ratio Silicon Pillar Based Thermal Neutron Detectors Filled 10B,” R.J. Nikolic, A.M. Conway, C.E. Reindhardt, R.T. Graff, T.F. Wang, N.Deo and C.L. Cheung, Applied Physics Letters, 92, 133502 (2008)

“Numerical Simulations of Pillar Structured Solid State Thermal Neutron Detector: Efficiency and Gamma Discrimination,” A.M. Conway, T.F. Wang, IEEE. T. Nucl. Sci.,56, 5, pp2802-2805 (2009)

Nuclear Forensics

“Differentiating special nuclear materials through computationally generated gamma-ray spectra,” CM Egnatuk, TF Wang, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, Volume 304, Issue 3, pp 1211–1217, (2015)

“Simulating γ–γ coincidences of β-delayed γ-rays from fission product nuclei,” S. Padgett, T.F. Wang, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics A, Volume 770, 218-224 (2015)