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Department of Physics,National Taiwan University

Faculty(by Directory)

Fu-Goul Yee

Name   易富國
 Fu-Goul Yee
Title   Associate Professor
Education   Ph.D., Columbia University (1989)
Office   629
Tel   02-3366-5119


Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics in UV and VUV. Terahertz Radiation Time Domain Spectroscopy.
Selected Publications
  1. Yee, F.-G. (1983 ) Large N Limit of Two Parameter Model with Arbitrary Representation: Physics Letters, B124, p. 225.
  2. Samuel, S., Yee, F.-G. , (1985) A Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of Disorder Parameter Operators in the Chiral Models: Nuclear Physics, B257 [FS14] p.85.
  3. Yee, F.-G., and Marshall,Thomas, C. (1985) Design of an Efficiency-Enhanced Raman FEL Oscillator. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science , PS-13 p.480.
  4. Yee, F.-G. , Mashall, Thomas C. And Schlesinger, P.S. (1988) Efficiency and Sideband Observations of a Raman FEL Oscillator with a Tapered Undulator: IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, PS-16 p.162.